Is it a good idea to choose Fairtrade Flowers for a gift?

Fairtrade Flower WorkerFair Trade products are those products that are purchased from companies following the policy of fair trade. A company can follow the fair trade by ensuring that the laborers are appropriately paid for their efforts. Such a company would also prohibit actions like child labor and would promote policies like equal wages. The concept of fair trade is a new one. It was developed to stop the exploitation of laborers in the underdeveloped countries. Generally it makes sense to use locally grown and picked flowers, most countries tend to have areas that are associated with flower growing, but they aren’t always where you think they might be. For example if you live in the UK, you might like to use as a service that combines flowers with a card. If you are thinking of buying Fair trade flowers and are wondering that whether it’s a good idea then you should have a look at the following:

  • Fair trade products are environment friendly: Most of the fair trade products are grown by considering the rules of sustainable development. So when you buy any fair trade product like a bunch of flowers, you contribute in sustainable development. It means that you are playing a minor role in preserving rare natural resources.
  • Fair Trade products have high quality: Most of the fair trade products would be of superior quality. As the laborer growing them would be more satisfied with his job as he ever as then he would put in some extra effort in producing the products. As a result the fair trade flowers you buy would be fresh and would remain fresh for a number of days if you pay proper attention to them.
  • Fair Trade Products gives you value for money: As most of the fair trade products are sourced from underdeveloped countries, you can be assured of getting value for your money. You would get more of every product without paying anything extra as the value of a single dollar is very high in the underdeveloped countries.

Last but certainly not the least buying fair Trade products would help you to contribute in the wellbeing of poor people in the third world countries. You can play a minor role in ensuring that unhealthy social practices like child labor are reduced.

All in all it can be seen that buying fair trade products would not pose any harm to you. But it would benefit a lot of underprivileged people in the third world countries. So what are you waiting for? Start giving preference to fair trade products today and play a role in promoting welfare of people who have been fighting off exploitation since decades.