Glastonbury Festival 2016 England

Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage

For those of you thinking about heading out to Europe next summer, you might want to consider going to some festivals. Although you might think it unlikely because of the unpredicatable weather, most festivals tend to happen in England. From April until October there is almost always a festival every weekend somewhere in the UK. The biggest and best, some say, is Glastonbury Festival which happens almost every year in June. Usually it runs for four consequetive years and then they take a year off to let the land recover. The site of Glastonbury Festival is not the town itself, but a tiny village called Pilton. At Pilton there is a farm, Worthy Farm, which has masses of land which is normally full of cows! Yes it is a proper working farm, but for 3 days in June it hosts one of the World’s biggest music festivals.

If you want to go to Glastonbury Festival, it is not quite as straightforward as just turning up in England and buying a ticket. Luckily I started looking into this last month as I am planning on touring around the UK in an RV and taking it to Glastonbury. In my research I found this page on about Registration for Glastonbury Festival – the actual process is that you have to register for the festival first, before you even try and get a ticket! You can do this now and then the tickets go on sale in October. This is usually the first Sunday in October. But be aware that last year tickets went on sale at 10am in the UK and they were all gone by 11am!

If you live in the US and intend to purchase a ticket in October, this has its own set of problems. Above all it means that you will have to be wide awake at some unearthly time of the night. Be aware too that tickets are not cheap, last year they were about £230 GBP which is around $380. This sounds a lot, but in actual fact there are 100s of bands playing on many many different stages and tons more.The main entertainment is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but you can turn up on Wednesday and get camped up. You don’t have to pay the full amount for the ticket in October, you can reserve it with just a small deposit.

If you don’t manage to get a ticket in October there is usually a re-release of the tickets in April. These are tickets that have been ordered but the purchaser has decided not to go through with the transaction.

In 2013 festival goers were treated to The Rolling Stones, in 2014 UK rockers Kasabian headlined with Dolly Parton on the Sunday. One interesting thing about Glastonbury is that the tickets sell out in October without the line up for the weekend being announced. Because Glastonbury is so huge there is always something that is going to entertain you – guaranteed! One of the main attractions of festivals is that you get to experience new music, groups and acts that you would not otherwise see.

There are plenty of other festivals in Europe that are well worth considering if you don’t manage to get to Glastonbury, such as the Benicassim Festival in Spain and Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Each festival has it’s own flavor, but Glastonbury really does have everything. One thing for sure is that if you do get to go to Glastonbury in 2016, it will be a weekend you will never forget. Highly recommended!