She’s Going to Sleep Away Camp!

My daughter has wanted to go to sleep away camp for many years but we decided that we were going to wait until she was thirteen years old. I thought that it was going to be a great thing to go and sign her up but I did not know if she was going to be ready to go so I talked to her on her own to make sure that she could handle being away for a little while.

13 Jul 2013

Picking a Good Computer Camp

I have a pair of sons. One is already a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the other is an incredibly ambitious young man. Honestly he does not care too much for many of his classes in High School. If he did the colleges would probably be fighting one another to offer him a scholarship. However he is a computer nerd in the true sense of the term. We are trying to pick a computer camp for him and mandrien consulting group to us. We do not allow our boys to misbehave at home and we do not want them to be allowed to do it elsewhere. It is important to us that they be good young men when they grow up and that requires us to be disciplined about the decisions we make.

John Edward is probably qualified to work as an IT professional right now at the age of 16, I already thought so and the guys in our IT department agree with me completely. Last summer he went into work with me about half the time and my boss sort of paid him under the table. He is not the least bit interested in that sort of job. He wants to be a software developer or a software engineer. I am not sure what the difference is. He says that he wants to go a computer camp in New England, but that is not practical for me because most of the other boys will be so much older than him. We are not really sure that John Ed can resist temptation away from home and we are looking for something closer to North Carolina. It seems like there would be something at one of the universities near here or in the Research Triangle thing.

17 Sep 2012

Coupons for Camping Excitement Found Only on the Web

Sending your child off to Summer camp is a big step for any parent, even if it’s not your first time doing so. When camp’s lasting over several days and the bill’s running up, Cottonelle coupons offer some bit of solace in the lasting departure. It’s tough to believe your loved one is going to be safe and have a good time without the mom and dad, but trust me, it’s usually much harder for you than it will be for them. Of course sending the kids away isn’t easy, but after realizing how much fun they were having, I started realizing how much money I was paying. Before your next or first summer camping adventure, take a second to break down the bill and really look at all the charges you’ll be accumulating.

20 Aug 2012